Split 7″ w/Dead Uncles

SULK/I’m so lost, I’m so alone, I’m so drunk. Pick up the phone ’cause I’m just dying here and wishing I could disappear like you did. (Where did you go?) I’m lyin’ on the floor starin’ at nothin’. (Why did you go?) Yeah you like me I guess but I can tell that you’re bored with my misery and how I’m so desperate for you it’s pathetic and you’re always too busy anyway. Ah, what’s the point…. People at work they must think that I’m crazy ’cause I just stand at the counter and stare. People at home they must know that I’m lonely ’cause I can’t bare to be anywhere but my room, trembling and consumed by that one image of you just barely out of tune with your hair in your face and lighting up that basement with a song that erased all the sorrow and doom. Now you’re gone and I’m faced with this lonely bedroom once again….

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