The Credentials R.I.P. 2009 – 2012. Final show, one last 7″

We’re breaking up. As a close friend recently confided in me, “The Credentials was three people who should never have been in the same room together”. We did a lot in a short time–a tape, two LPs, and four 7″s, two full U.S. tours, countless weekends, fests, and Boston shows–and we’re pretty ready to give it a rest. This band gave us the opportunity to make amazing friends all over the country, to travel places none of us had ever been, to put out fucking records, play with insane bands, and to connect to people through love of music and punk.

Our final show will be Saturday, March 24th at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as part of the 2nd annual Smash It Dead Fest: A Benefit for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Other bands include friends Dead Uncles, Rations, Spraynard, Ampere, Aye Nako, Surrender, and a bunch more (the fest website will be launched with all the info in a couple of weeks).

Two songs we recorded during our second LP session, “Dear Mr. Breakey” and “This Town Means About As Much To Me As A Festering Bowl Of Dog Snot” will be on a forthcoming split 7″ with Steelhorse from Seattle, WA, out as a split release on Mindless Recordings/Rad Girlfriend Records. Mindless is Max from Ridgemont’s new label and RG is Josh from Rad Company and his partner’s new label. It’s really nice of them to put this out even though we’re breaking up. The record will be out sometime before the fest, and we should have some copies there too.

Our last LP is still available from all the fine people who put it out– It’s Alive, Dirt Cult, 86′d, and Muy Autentico. That shit is streaming over at the 86′d website. The Credentials/Dead Uncles split single can be picked up from 86′d. Our other records are presumably floating around in distros and toilets worldwide. I’ve got a new band called Peeple Watchin’ and we’ll have a 7″ out soon with another record to follow in the spring, and hopefully some tours. Jack’s got Ridgemont and probably a new project or two, and Tom will come up with something I’m sure…perhaps Juggalo Biafra will finally be actualized?

I think that’s everything. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us out over the years…it’s really difficult to express in words how much it all has meant to me…so come to the last show and freak the fuck out.

xo, zack/the credentials

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Oct. 17th w/UNFUN, Parasol, Despite Everything

Everyone’s favorite self-proclaimed “anti-romantic miserablists” UNFUN are coming through from Canada to smash all of us with their insanely catchy, sludgey bullshit. They’re bringing some goons from Greece called Despite Everything, I don’t know what their deal is, but they are probably alright! So us and Parasol are gonna play their show, and it’s Monday October 17th at this new all-ages DIY spot in Allston called What We Talk About When We Talk About Us. It costs $6 and starts at 7pm. For more info, call this awesome dude Nathan: (508) 451-0449

This is going to be our last show for awhile, so if you care about seeing us at all (ha), probably would be a good idea to come out. xo

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Las Cruces, NM 6.25.11

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Tour starts today!

“Here’s Hoping This Will Be The Summer” Tour June/July 2011

  • 6/1 - Hartford, CT w/Dead Uncles @ Whitney House
  • 6/2 – Brooklyn, NY
  • 6/3 – Buffalo, NY w/Unwelcome Guests, The Crack Horse @ The Last Stand
  • 6/4 – Erie, PA w/The Steakouts, Rigged To Explode, Scrap Kids @ D-Bro’s Basement
  • 6/5 – Cleveland, OH w/The Fucking Cops, Worship This @ The Dag House
  • 6/6 – Columbus, OH w/Delay, RVIVR, The Sidekicks @ The Bike Co-op
  • 6/7 – Cincinnati, OH w/The Dopamines, Vacation @ Skatepark
  • 6/8 – Dayton, OH w/Adventure, Raging Nathans, Slugging Percentage @ Josh’s House
  • 6/9 – DeMotte, IN w/Derailler @ Nick’s spot
  • 6/10 – Chicago, IL w/Canadian Rifle, Night Birds, Culo @ Lucky Gator Loft
  • 6/11 – Lansing, IL w/Boilerman, Nervous Passenger @ Nmadi’s House of Pancakes
  • 6/12 – Milwaukee, WI w/Nightbirds @ Ground Zero
  • 6/13 – Minneapolis, MN w/Assrash, Frustrations, Kontrasect @ Memory Lanes
  • 6/14 – off
  • 6/15 – Bozeman, MT w/Tomorrow We Sleep, Smokestacks @ TBA
  • 6/16 – Seattle, WA w/Steelhorse, Ol’ Doris, Random Orbits @ The Steelhouse
  • 6/17 – Olympia, WA
  • 6/18 – Portland, OR w/TBA @ Fuckett’s
  • 6/19 – off
  • 6/20 – Oakland, CA w/Frigface, Belushi River, Diesel Dudes @ TBA
  • 6/21 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Tasha’s
  • 6/22 – San Pedro, CA
  • 6/23 – Riverside, CA w/Turkish Techno, Retcons, French Exit @ Back  To The Grind
  • 6/24 – Tempe, AZ w/Rumspringer @ TBA
  • 6/25 – Las Cruces, NM w/Shang-A-Lang @ Trainyard
  • 6/26 – Midland, TX w/Autistic Nun @ The Pine Box Collective
  • 6/27 – Denton, TX w/Stymie, Completely Fucked, The Others @ The Phoenix Project
  • 6/28 – Oklahoma City, OK w/The Needlepoints @ Parkdownthestreet House
  • 6/29 – Kansas City, KS
  • 6/30 – Chattanooga, TN
  • 7/1 – Athens, GA w/Dead Dog @ TBA
  • 7/2 – Asheville, NC w/Krucial Fiction @ TBA
  • 7/3 – Washington, DC w/Imperial Can, Fashanu, Onsind @ TBA
  • 7/4 – Philadelphia, PA w/Cobra Lung @ TBA
  • 7/5 – New Brunswick, NJ
  • 7/6 – Somerville, MA w/Foreign Objects, Awful Man @ Starlab

We’re really excited! See you out there!

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The Credentials/Dead Uncles split 7″ single out now on 86′d

Two new jammers right here! “Sulk” by us and “Constant Disappointment” by TH’ DUNX. The longest songs yet by both bands…quantity not quality I always say…. Naw, these tunes rule total butt and you will love this shit. Dead Uncles is the best band of all time besides Oingo Boingo. Layout by Zack and by Brian Damage. Removable hot-pink obi strip…can ya dig? Get this at Armageddon Record Shop in Boston, from us on our upcoming tour, or in the mail from 86′d Records & Fanzine. Free stream/download available here.

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Interview in Riff Raff Zine #1

We have a pretty extensive and coherent interview in the first issue of a new zine called Riff Raff, put out by Annie Hollis in Hawaii, if you can believe it. Apparently Hawaii punks are for real and they are trying to build a sustainable scene out there, so check this shit out! We blather on about the new album, Smash It Dead Fest, feminist discourses in the punk scene, and…Metal Blade-era Goo Goo Dolls records. Get in touch with for copies!

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Sun is out/record is out/we’re havin’ a shindig!

Our new LP, Goocher, is finally out, and you can grab a copy from one of the four labels that helped release it: Dirt Cult, Muy Autentico, 86d, or It’s Alive. $10 for 14 new songs on a 180-gram record with a 16-page full-size newsprint insert, sweet artwork by Brian Connolly, and a download card for all the nerdies.

To celebrate we are having a killer record release show here in Allston and you should all try to make it out if you can! Flyer below. SMELL YA LATER <3

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